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Yamaha Marine, Outboard   Used on 200-250hp Engines

Yamaha 61A-81800-00-00, 61A-81800-01-00, 61H-81800-01-00, 69L-81800-00-00


Yamaha V6 EXCEL L, All, (1987-1989), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha V6 EXCEL X, All, (1987-1989), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha V200TLR, 200hp, (1998-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha VX200TLR, 200hp, (2000-2003), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha VX200TLR, 200hp, (2004-2005), 69L-81800-00-00


Yamaha V225TLR, 225hp, (1998-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha VX225TLR, 225hp, (2000-2004), 61A-81800-01-00


Yamaha P200TLR, 200hp, (1991-1996), 61H-81800-01-00


Yamaha 225ETL, 225hp, (1990), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225ETX, 225hp, (1990), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225TLR, 225hp, (1994-1996), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225TLR, 225hp, (1991-1993), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225TUR, 225hp, (1995), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225TXR, 225hp, (1994-1995), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha 225TXR, 225hp, (1991-1993), 61H-81800-01-00

Yamaha L225TUR, 225hp, (1995-1996), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha L225TXR, 225hp, (1994-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha LF225TUR, 225hp, (1997-1998), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha LF225TXR, 225hp, (1997-1998), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha LX225, 225hp, (2000), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha LX225TXR, 225hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha S225TUR, 225hp, (1996-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha S225TXR, 225hp, (1996-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha SX225TR, 225hp, (2000), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha SX225TUR, 225hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

Yamaha SX225TXR, 225hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00


 Yamaha 250ETX, 250hp, (1990), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha 250TUR, 250hp, (1991-1995), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha 250TXR, 250hp, (1991-1995), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha L250ETX, 250hp, (1990), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha L250TLR, 250hp, (1991), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha L250TUR, 250hp, (1992-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha L250TXR, 250hp, (1992-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha LX250TR, 250hp, (2000), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha LX250TUR, 250hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha LX250TXR, 250hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha S250TUR, 250hp, (1996-1997), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha S250TXR, 250hp, (1996-1999), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha SX250TR, 250hp, (2000), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha SX250TUR, 250hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha SX250TXR, 250hp, (2001-2002), 61A-81800-01-00

 Yamaha VX250TLR, 250hp, (2002-2004), 69L-81800-00-00

Starter, Yamaha Outboard (200-250Hp), Arrowhead SHI0137

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