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Sound-Stop Acoustic Absorption Materials will reduce noise level and provide thermal insulation when applied to hull walls, inside stateroom bulkhead walls, engine compartments.
Laminated to form a durable surface unaffected by dirt, moisture, lubricants and fuels
Composite of acoustic grade polyester urethane foam, with high density leaded vinyl barrier
Protective facing of 1 mil. Heat reflective aluminized Mylar film
Sound-stop will reduce noise levels by minimizing noise reverberation
Sound-stop has a 1 lb. Per sq. Ft. Mass barrier, which yields at least 19 db stc rating for noise transmission loss
Provides a thermal insulation margin
1/2" thick Sound-stop can be used as a carpet underlayment.

Sound stop & heat stop form 1/2" sheet of 32" x 54" for boat engine compartment

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