Frequency: VHF Marine Band    Bandwidth:  (within 2.0 1 SWR): 5 MHz    SWR:  1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz
Impedance:  (Ohms): 50    Gain:  6 dB  Max. Input (Watts):  50
DC Ground:  YES - however, the antenna will read "open circuit" when tested with ohmeter.
Termination:  15' RG-58 cable    Height (feet):	8'    Polarization:  Vertical
Radiation pattern:  Omni - directional 8’ (2.4m) VHF Marine Band 6dB End-fed with matching stub

A new standard of excellence in an economical antenna! Shakespeare brings you the best of the high-end features in an 8ft antenna with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane finish that won’t turn yellow in the sun. This antenna delivers not only performance, but superb value.
Brass and copper elements
Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1in-14 thread
Includes 15ft RG-58 cable, which can be cut to size, and a PL-259 connector
Suggested mount: Style 4187 or 5187 Ratchet Mount
Smooth, durable, high gloss finish
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Shakespeare centennial 8 ft, 6db, end-fed VHFantenna, 5101