Color: Black,  Length: 20',  Height: 1-1/2",  Width: 13/16",  Drill: 8" on center for #8 screw,  Inserts: V12-1069,  
Rigid Vinyl for Flexible Insert
Rigid vinyl rub rail tightly forms to the boats’ contours and has exceptional lasting qualities in the most adverse conditions.
• Color and gloss levels matched to gel coats
• Requires heat for radius forming
• Cuts and drills like wood
• Flexible insert covers fasteners and provides a soft, cushioning effect  
  against normal bumps from pilings and docks
• Ideal for boats up to 25 feet
• Drilled and countersunk on 8” centers

Rigid vinyl rub rail flex. insert, L 20', H 1-1/2", W 13/16, Taco v21-9662BKA20D