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Fits:   Mercruiser V6 4.3 dry joint exhaust manifold and elbow set. This is a dry joint alternative for the 864612t01 manifold and 864591t02 elbow / riser.
Manifold Kit Contains:
GLM Part NumberOEM Part NumberPart Name
GLM 5122099746A17Exhaust Manifold
GLM 51148N/ADry Joint Exhaust Elbow
GLM 3217027-99757Exhaust Manifold Gasket
GLM 3024027-863724Exhaust Elbow Gasket
GLM 2239810-865982057Screws (4)
GLM 2149313-35048Lock Washers (4)
GLM 1399022-806926A1Hose Fitting w/Drain Plug Ki

MerCruiser V6, 4.3L Exhaust Manifold & Elbow set, 864612T01, GLM 58650

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