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Mercruiser Shift Cable Kit for Mercruiser R , MR , Alpha One and Alpha One Generation 2 models. New style cable wtih large core wire. Fits newer Mercruisers that install from Aft end of bell housing 

OEM: 865436A02

Kit Contains:
GLM Part NumberOEM Part NumberPart Name
GLM 2108033981T1Slide
GLM 2109010-31700Set Screw
GLM 2143043433Guide
GLM 2143243436Anchor
GLM 2143310-20518Set Screw (2)
GLM 2146238473Wrapping
GLM 2146314705Insert
GLM 21464N/AS.S. Wire
GLM 2171041951A1Shift Cable

Mercruiser Shift Cable Kit R, MR, Alpha I, Alpha I Gene 2, 865436A02, GLM 21451

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